Full Albums

Old Skool

Coming Soon. Old Skool is a series of duets with my long time pianist Scott Williams. Old Skool contains some of my favorite standards and a few originals. It is dedicated to my friend and mentor Von Freeman who passed away shortly after I finished recording it.

Topics of Conversation

Coming soon. Topics of Conversation is a duet recording between myself and long time Pat Metheny Group drummer Paul Wertico. It is completely improvised and each song represents a mood or cityscape. The cover was done by my friend Eric who is a great Native American artist. While this might be my most adventurous recording to date, it is still within the boundaries of what I consider the "Jazz Language".

Bang! (2008)

I signed with the Legendary Savoy Records and Columbia Music Entertainment in 2008 and am very happy to be a part of a cool and historic company. Bang! was on the Billboard sales chart for a long time and got a ton a great reviews and radio play. I appreciate the Jazz Record Mart and Best Buy having the cool light boxes of Bang! A relaxed studio recording that I got to bust out some Sop and Alto Flute for. Good Times:)!!!

Mighty Burner (2005)

Mighty Burner was a Hit Record for me. It debuted at #11 on the Billboard Sales Charts and stayed there for 20 straight weeks. I had just done the J-LO, Destiny's Child, and John Legend remixes for Columbia Records which helped and the Maurice Joshua Remix got a ton of Radio Play. I think this album captured the raw energy and vibe of my playing at the time and I am still proud of it. Downbeat Magazine called me and the album, "John Coltrane Energy For The 21st Century" which made me very proud.

Live at the Green Mill (2001)

Live at the Green Mill in 2001. Features Randy Brecker and a rhythm section lead by the great Larry Novak, Eric Hochberg and Paul Wertico. Straight ahead blowing session.

You Talkin' To Me? (1999)

Chicago Tenor Blowing session recorded shortly before their mini tour which capped off at the Chicago Jazz Festival.

Pins 'n' Needles (1999)

Featuring Willie Pickens, Larry Gray, Joel Spencer, Randy Brecker and Frank Catalano.

Cut It Out! (1998)

My debut CD for Delmark featuring Ira Sullivan, Willie Pickens, Brian Sandstrom, Robert Shy and Rusty Jones. Ira played with everyone from Charlie Parkie to you name it. Willie played recorded extensively with Eddie Harris in the 1960's became a band director for 25 years than joined Elvin Jones band in the early 1990's. Brian played recorded with Joe Daley, Hal Russell, NRG Ensemble, etc. Robert spent a long time touring with Roland Kirk and Rust spent a long time with George Shearing. Needless to say, I had known this musicians all since I was 13 or 14 years old and they brought a great wealth of coolness to my life and his recording. Louie Bellson wrote the liner notes and was a great mentor, boss and friend.

Special Releases

Live Only (2010)

Special release only available at certain live shows.

Love Bugaloo (2007)

Special Japanese release for Village Again Records.

Street Jazz (2004)

Special release for Jaguar.

Other Albums

Album Name

Destiny's Child - Girl Remix - Columbia Records

Jennifer Lopez - Get Right - Columbia Records

John Legend - Ordinary People Remix - Columbia Records

Matrix Soundtrack - Maverick/Warner Bros

Tony Bennett - Here's To The Ladies - Columbia Records

Charles Earland's Jazz Organ Summit featuring Dr. Lonnie Smith, Jimmy McGriff and Johnny Hammond Smith - Cannonball Records

Charles Earland - Gospel According to Earland - Lord and Earland Records

Barrett Deems - Groovin' Hard - Delmark Records

Delmark 45th Anniversary featuring Buddy Guy, Junior Wells - Delmark Records

Delmark 50th Anniversary featuring Von Freeman, Ari Brown - Delmark Records

Chicago Marathon Compilation featuring Randy Brecker - Lakeside Records

Vandoren "VandoJazz" Sampler - Vandoren Records

Buddy Defranco and John Burnett Orchestra - Swinging in the Windy City - Lakeside Records

Frank Catalano - 7 of 9 - Blue Note/Premonition Records

Frank Catalano/Paul Wertico - Let Your Garden Grow - Reel Sounds Recordings

Louie Bellson - "Live at the Jazz Showcase" Video - Showcase Videos

Miles Davis - "Live at the Southshore" - Live Recording

Les Claypool - "Live at the Vic Theater" - Prawnsong Records

Randy Brecker/Frank Catalano - Cafe Ennui - Jazzfest Recordings

Von Freeman/Frank Catalano/Ari Brown - Live at the JVC Jazz Fest - Festival Recordings

Frank Catalano/Jeff "Tain" Watts and the Cresct Superband - Live at the Peaks Jazz Fest

Rick Drumm - Fatty Necrosis

Von Freeman/Frank Catalano - Live at the Chicago Jazz Festival - University of Chicago Press

Frank Catalano/Brian Bromberg with the Crescent Super Band - Live at the Park City Jazz Fest - Festival Recordings

Esperanza Spaulding and Frank Catalano - Concert/Clinic - American Fork Utah High School

1995 Grammy All-Star Big Band - Grammy Recordings

Chicago Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra - Live and Screaming - Lakeside Records

Chicago Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra - Labor of Love - Lakeside Records

Bill O'Connell Big Band - Contemporary Classics - Birdland Records

Frank Catalano/Wayne Burgeron/Mike Davis - Mandan Live - Live Recording

Motorola Cool Groves CD Sampler - Frank Catalano/TuPac - California Love

Land Rover CD Sampler - Street Jazz - A440 Records

Jaguar CD Sampler - Bucktown - A440 Records